Moving in/out cleaning services

Moving in/out cleaning services

Moving? Let our experts do the professional moving in/ out cleaning services for you!

Moving is stressful enough without having to clean up your old place or new home. Instead of moving you around and moving around in the cleaning business on your own, choose Qcom and let our professionals do the hard work for you. Our moving in/out cleaning services in Dubai, UAE is customizable to the size of your property and the type of cleaning you need. We offer free estimates as well, so you will know what to expect without worrying about hidden costs or fees. With moving in/out cleaning services provided by our trained experts, you can make sure that every part of your move runs as smoothly as possible.

Residential moving in/out cleaning services

Your family needs more space as your children begin to grow. When you move into a new larger home, you will need the services of professional cleaners to perform moving in/out cleaning services at both locations. Look no further - Qcom services will do it for you.

After everything is packed and moved out of your old home, you can depend on us to deep clean it and remove all contaminants. We take care of all stains and blemishes and repair all cracks and burns. Our cleaning service ensures that your old home looks as fresh as the day you moved in.

the new homes should be cleaned from the inside out before you accommodate with your family. There may be a lot of hidden contaminants that can threaten the health of your family, thus you need a deep cleaning. Qcom moving in/out cleaning services ​will ensure that your new home is thoroughly cleaned before you move in.

New home cleaning services

Moving is so exciting. It's also a lot of work. There's nothing worse than attending to a new home/apartment/villa and finding it needs a thorough cleaning before you feel comfortable moving in. Qcom can handle all the cleaning and sanitizing action for you to have a clean & healthy space to put furniture and property in.

Our cleaning services for the new house include:

- Cleaning the insides cabinets and drawers if required

- Cleaning and sanitizing showers, countertops, bathtubs, sinks, and more

- Cleaning ovens, microwaves, ranges in addition to other appliances

- Vacuuming all home floors and cleaning all wood, tile, vinyl, and other floorings

- Spot cleaning services for doors and door frames

- Dusting each surface, including light fixtures, window frames, and ceiling fans

- Each nook and cranny of the new location will be spotless following a move in cleaning by our teams.

Commercial moving in/out cleaning services

When your company grows up & gets a great business position, you will need to expand to a larger office to meet all your requirements. Moving to a new office comes with a lot of logistical headaches. You need to move around without losing valuable business time, or any company property in the process. With Qcom moving in/out cleaning services, you can be sure to leave your old office spotless and move into a fresh new one.

After moving all your stuff to the new office, you need to clean up the old one. Just a basic compliment to the next people who will move in, or get the best value for the property if you're trying to rent or sell it. If you need to make a good impression, look to Qcom for a quality cleaning service.

When you arrive at your new office, you may find that the previous owners were not as generous as you, and didn't bother to clean up before they left. Our cleaning services will take care of this for you before setting up your new office.

Why should you choose Qcom?

- More than just cleaning, We can customize cleaning according to your specific instructions. We also offer a deep cleaning service to ensure your new site is free of any hidden dirt or contaminants. The cleaning services we Qcom experts provide will help your Residential & Commercial moving without any hassle.

- Every inch of your property will be spotless

- The cleaning services will be done to your satisfaction

- Qcom philippine maids team will be on time and will get the work done as quickly as possible

- Our cleaners/maids are fully trained and insured

- We will utilize environmentally friendly cleaning products

- For moving in/out cleaning services, there's no option as reliable as the Qcom team.

With advanced experience & cleaning authority at Qcom, we are always ready to help you get rid of any worry/stress about Cleaning services. Just contact us to hire our professionals and enjoy your organized & healthy moving in/out.

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