Deep Cleaning services

Deep Cleaning services

Deep cleaning services have become of great importance in our lives recently, especially with the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, so we have been keen in Qcom to train our philippine maids on the latest health care instructions related to the strongest methods against the spread of viruses, germs, and epidemics to provide the best service in Dubai, UAE.

Deep cleaning services may need a relatively longer time than the regular cleaning, so we have been keen to train Filipinine workers well in order to achieve the highest & professional quality level of deep cleaning services in a quick manner without hindering the rest of the family from continuing to enjoy their daily favorite activities

What can we offer you as reliable deep cleaning services?

- Deep cleaning services for surfaces

Including Clean high-touch surfaces deeply and regularly and removing greasy & stubborn spots, especially after having visitors. Focusing on high-touch surfaces like doors, doorknobs, handles tables, countertops, light switches, and other items of furniture. Our efficient team will also clean other surfaces in your home as needed.

Deep cleaning services for surfaces will be done using international cleaning products suitable for each surface, depending on instructions on the product label.

- High Level of Sanitation and disinfection

All our deep cleaning services team pay extra attention to wear masks, wash their hands frequently, keep on their hygiene, and follow the guidelines for a fully disinfected environment and to avoid & get rid of any types of infections.

We isolate any maid/cleaner who is sick with / suspected of COVID-19.

- Deep cleaning services for floors

From marble floors to wood paneling, and from ceramic tiles to mosaic art pieces, the Qcom team has extensive experience in professionally clean floor surfaces. cleaners will leave the floors of your home or office clean, germ- and odor-free for you and everyone around you to enjoy absolute freedom and peace of mind.

- Deep cleaning services for the toilet

Bathroom in the home or companies needs to be cleaned and sanitized well with entire dirty removal at least once in a while, and that can be very stressful requiring much effort. With Qcom, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Our cleaning and sanitizing includes shower, bathtubs, and sinks. We will scrub and sanitize vanities and bathrooms, and we will polish glass & mirrors using disinfectant & steam & water, floors, and walls to perfection.

- Deep cleaning services for the kitchen 

Kitchens are one of those places in the house that are easily susceptible to dirt and to be messy, from the moment you finish scrubbing and tidying up. And in any workplace, kitchens are somewhat neglected, and well-trained cleaning them can be a tedious chore that can lead to infection. Just cleaning the surfaces is never enough in the kitchen, that's why at Qcom company we have the suitable fixtures, equipment & appliances to ensure that we offer you the advanced services of a thorough stovetop and oven cleaning and deep cleaning of all hard-to-reach areas, nooks, microwave chairs, drawers, carpets, and crannies in your kitchen. Washing kitchen machines such as refrigerator, dishwasher, toaster, freezer, and baking machine are included. Qcom will not only leave your kitchen clean & shine but healthy too.

- Deep cleaning services for Window

With dust being such a major factor in this area, cleaning windows well can be a huge burden, especially if the windows are tall and exposed to dust and pollution throughout the day. Qcom is equipped with washing machines and manpower needed to make the cleaning process easier to clean your windows from grime range without any stains and leave them looking scrubbed & like new while leaving the sun without a speck of dusting.

We will be happy to meet all customers' needs, friendly answer all additional questions, and achieve all cleaning tasks actively. Just contact us at any time to request and book a verified deep cleaning service for your apartment, villa, or any indoor or outdoor property you own. We can provide you comprehensive & commercial cleaning strategies with the ability to manage emergency safely with all precautions. Our deep cleaning professionals will work to provide perfect quality and excellence for your offices, villas, or homes for a safe, sanitising air, and pollution-free life.

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