Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

COMMERCIAL & JANITORIAL CLEANING SERVICES covering all your commercial spaces provided by Filipino workers equipped with years of experience and well trained to use the latest international cleaning equipment in order to achieve luxury and excellence.

The Qcom team aims to offer matchless Commercial Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE in order to meet professional industry standards and accommodate your commercial cleaning needs in an effective manner. 

Our efficient team of professional commercial cleaning staff reaches your commercial space and effectively cleans it immaculately. Our staff is experienced in offering the best commercial cleaning services to commercial spaces in Dubai, UAE. We have the ability to improve the international standards of cleanliness in your commercial spaces with our years of skills and experience in cleaning.

Our Commercial Cleaning Service includes:

- Residential Cleaning Service

- Special landscaping Service

- Educational organisations & Government Institution Cleaning

- Restaurants complete & quick cleaning with special substances & tools to handle greasy stains

- Villa Cleaning Service

- Training stadium cleaning & water distribution

- Multinational cleaning tasks

- Essential & standard Maid Service

- Deep workplace cleaning

- Routine & daily cleaning

- Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

- Organized Pest Control Service

- Industrial Cleaning Service

- Corporate Sector Cleaning Service

- Signboards Cleaning Service

- Glass & Facade Cleaning Service

- Professional business Cleaning programs

- Professional teams to handle pandemic infection time

- Exterior Walls Cleaning

- Waste/dirt & food sectors removal

- Roof Cleanup

- Proper surface Cleaning

- Window Cleaning

- Ceiling Cleaning

- Door Cleaning

- Floor Mopping

Why choose Qcom commercial cleaning services?

- Safe health care & environment

Stress & Covid 19 free environments

Regular cleaning of workspaces reduces companies' employee sick days and protects your clients from harmful germs and bacteria to maintain them more productivity.

- Our services and your schedule

We'll get to know your commercial space and then develop customized commercial cleaning services and sanitizing & disinfecting plans that exactly meet your needs. We can schedule our services at a time and pace that suits your commercial buildings (including house hotel restaurant schools hospitals etc)

- Save time and money

Outsourcing commercial cleaning services will help simplify your expenses and reduce cleaning time by about 25% while ensuring a clean and sanitized environment rapidly.

- Professional experts with advanced technology

Our cleaning experts are fully trained and use proprietary cleaning and disinfection systems that greatly reduce dust and bacteria for protecting your health.

- Driven to create a worry-free and the best productive environment

Qcom offers a wider range of commercial cleaning services that may be designed and customized to fit your building. We will learn about your facility, learn about your requirements and decide the time and frequency that best suits your needs and budget. Our commercial cleaning experts will make sure that your employees and customers always enjoy safety satisfaction, cleanness, and a healthy environment.

- Keeping communities clean

Our franchises are locally owned and operated to ensure that our smart philippine workers live in the communities we serve. With a commitment to delivering the highest hygiene standards and backed by a national franchise brand with years of experience, we are proud to help make our local world shine and rise.

Feel free to simply contact us for hiring our team of skilled commercial cleaning professionals to reach your commercial space and clean the debris from the floors after any occasion in your Office such as team meetings or other types of company activities

All our clients are fully satisfied with our international commercial cleaning services and we won their appreciation. We have many loyal clients that prefer our commercial services as we deliver excellence.

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