Before / After Party Cleaning

Before / After Party Cleaning

Holding parties on various occasions is very important to share with our friends and relatives our enjoyable time and celebrate our beautiful memories. 

In order to enjoy every moment in your party, you should prepare some arrangements, including good preparation, excellent planning, and gathering friends and relatives to be part of the joy of the day.

Although parties are associated with joyful times, thinking about before and after party cleaning service may be an obstacle that prevents you from holding and enjoying them.

One of the successful and easy decisions in such situations is that you choose a distinguished company that provides before and after party cleaning services so that you and your guests can devote only to start enjoying the party and entertaining at night, far from the trouble of thinking about before and after party cleaning.

In Qcom we perfectly and easily take care of all the details necessary to clean your homes, apartment, or villa in preparation for holding your party in an atmosphere full of excitement and fun.

Our cleaners have been trained to clean and equip all types of occasions including Birthday or holiday Parties, Family reunions, large family gatherings, retirement parties, Christmas and business parties, wedding receptions, and etc

What can we serve for before and after party cleaning?

Pre-party cleaning and setup including sweeping vacuuming, dusting and mopping of all party areas.

Throw away trash after your happy events.

Clean and polish furniture glass.

Package leftover foods in addition to storing it away.

Organize tables and chairs for the event.

Reorganize furniture in party areas.

Washing and cleaning all plates cups and any other utensils items.

Sanitizing toilet and bathroom facility with disinfectant cleaner.

Vacuum and mop all floors.

preparing water or wine drink containers.

preparing cake and food.

We can also serve your guests while eating and drinking.

remove all unpleasant odors.

Cleaning fronts of cupboards.

cleaning outdoors and indoors.

Cleaning kitchen surfaces.

Windows sills, work-tops, sinks, and mirrors.

rented labor can also decorate the tables with linens and tablecloths.

Why should you hire Philippine labor?

Qcom office is distinguished by providing distinguished Philippine labor who are adequately trained to deal with all kinds of parties

Our cleaning professionals use special high-quality cleaning products allowing them to be capable of commercial and deep cleaning and deal with the toughest types of hard dirt they are likely to encounter during their before and after party cleaning

We have a plenty of trained workers and maids, so we are fully ready to provide you with extra labor immediately if required to deal appropriately with any unexpected emergency event

The general appearance is arranged and organized depending on customer desire with a standard and customized plan in addition to the possibility of providing international cleaning plans and strategies simply accessible to be done and in coordination with the party organizer and the food caterer.

Our experts handle all kinds of different parties and they are fully prepared to provide comprehensive before and after party cleaning services according to designated instructions to avoid any worry or load and give you a hand to stay happy and spend joyous time of life while hosting your guests

After your party is over, you won't feel the headache of thinking about how to remove the accumulated dirt. Our cleaning crew has enough experience to turn your post-party chaos due to pets and kids into a spotless location of residence the next morning.

Regular cleaning tasks includes all parts of the house, such as cleanup entire surfaces, floors, glasses, furniture, bathrooms, removing all spills or stains from the floor or carpets with all supplies needed and putting the dishes that have been used in dishwasher and collecting all disposable dirty dishes and cans for putting them in rubbish bins to leaving everything cleaned

With the Qcom team, you will not have to restrict the movement of the people in a certain place outdoor to reduce the size of the dirt. You can only think about having fun with your guests and leave our duties deal with it in the best way whatever the size of the dirt

Ensure that renting workers from Qcom staff in Dubai for before and after party cleaning services do not include any hidden fees, as our professional Philippine labor are distinguished by the safety and experience sufficient to finish their work in the most complete way and in record time with the most affordable prices.

In Qcom We are a phone call away from serving you get ready and impress your family and friends, and of course, we are ready to answer any questions in your mind so feel free to contact us whenever you prefer!
The satisfaction of our customers is our goal and pleasure! So You relax and leave us to do the work!

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