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Despite the importance of seeking legitimate earnings, the failure to provide sufficient time to take care of your children and the preoccupation of parents with many daily tasks represents a great danger to the proper development of their children.

Children, regardless of their age, are in constant need of care, and with the inability of parents to provide that care themselves, babysitting service has become the recommended & popular ​solution to ensure the provision of comprehensive care & welfare for kids ideally.

Babysitting enables you to be able to synchronize the performance of your work to the fullest and provide appropriate care for your child so that your professional success / money gaining does not cost you neglecting your child.

Although children are our most valuable asset, some may prefer dropping their children at neighboring’s houses for a cheap offer. This is a major illegal & criminal risk to your child's safety.

As opposed to what your child can enjoy with babysitting, the neighbors either have kids and thus you will find them busy taking care of their own kids, or they have neither children nor the suitable experience to provide excellent care for your child.

In addition, the neighbours do not have the sufficient experience that babysitting provides in dealing with any emergency situations as Babysitters are always trained to deal with any emergence in order to save the life of your child

We have been keen at Qcom to provide and train the babysitters in a way that ensures that we will be the best alternative to compensate for your absence and your preoccupation and to provide all the safe care that your child needs.

With the babysitting from Qcom service, you will have no chance to worry about your children. We know that children are the most valuable & unique asset we have in our lives, therefore, we have taken care to be careful in choosing the qualified babysitters to ensure the highest level of service provided to your child.

Our staff strongly believe in the importance of properly employing play to ensure your child is entertained and learning at the same time, which contributes to building a social person capable of participating in all activities with an effective role in society.

Our experienced nurseries have taken many courses from red cross in the nursery with an international certification which will give them an access to all secrets of baby happiness and convenient environment.

We have been keen to provide babysitting whose most important priority is centered around age-customized childcare, meeting all his requirements, and limiting all the damages that may result from children’s neglect as a result of the preoccupation of parents with anything.

Our Childcare services include:

Caring for your newborn in all aspects whice includes feeding, changing, bathing and playing.

Sterilize feeding bottles and prepare meals for your baby.

Establishing a sleep routine for your baby in order to make sure you enjoy a comfortable & romantic night’s sleep.

Home & hotels Babysitting (they can live with you at the hotel to take care of your kids during the holiday).

Mall Babysitting.

School drop off and pickup.

Review his performance at class exams every month.

Bathing & pool.

Playtime and mind stimulation.

Assisting to dress your children.

Singing and having fun.

help the child to read and learn.

Basic First Aid, CPR & AED Training.

Public Age-Appropriate Activities.

Total emergency Protocols.

classes Homework & teaching assistance.

Special behavioral modulation of the child.

Professionalism & Leadership.

private skills sufficient to nurse the baby during his illness.

stay close to the baby all day and night.

stay with the child during families, relatives, and guests meeting for happy moments.

babysitting during traveling of the family and obey all wills.

tell him a story before sleeping if needed.

Providing focused encouragement & support for breastfeeding.

we are a call away from providing you a fully trained babysitter. a visit to our office in Dubai - UAE is sufficient to find all your needs. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your needs. We have an answer for all your probable questions.

The satisfaction of our clients is our goal and pleasure! So You relax and leave us to help you with some of your responsibilities!

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